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Her curiosity and interest in Bellydance leads her to meet Gloria Alba, starting her vocational trainingsince the year 2000. The following year, she complemented her learning process next to Eva Chacon and later with Ana Saeeda From the hand of the great teacher and choreographer Raqia she studies the Egyptian style in detail, both in the masterclass given in Spain such as the InternationalFestival held in Cairo "Ahlan Wa Salan".


In recent years she expanded its training with outstanding teachers and dancers as  Shokry Mohamed, Cristiane Azem, Sonia Sampayo, Nesma, Fadua Chuffi, Mar Delgado... and international dancers such as Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Diana Tarkan, Dina, Dariya Mitskevich, Saad Ismail, Nagwa Fouad, Randa Kamel, Soraya Zaied, Momo Kadous, Nawal Benabdallah, Mira Betz. Khaled Mahmoud  and some dancers of prestigious dance companies like “Bellydance Supertars” as Jillina, Suhaila Salimpour  and Tamalyn Dallal.


Her learning process is made up of a continuous training, travelling to Cairo annually to keep on learning the new tendencies. She is also interested about Bollywood dance, learning with Sunny Singh,  Mistri   and Meera Her desire to master her knowledge of dancing, carries her to learn other styles, such as Banafsheh Sayyad Persian dance, flamenco and flamenco-Arabic with the Lucía García (main dancer of Paco de Lucio Ballet and Carmen Mota Ballet from 1967 to 1978) as well as classical dance, contemporary, hip-hop, funky...


Her experience as a dancer, is given from her participation in several  Bellydance events and shows. Nowadays she manages her own dance company "Ballet Casino Badia" with a cast of 14 dancers. She has shared the stage with artists like Soraya Zaied, Asmahan (Egypt), Dariya Mitskevich, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Kaya (USA), Eva Chacón, Ana Saeeda, Nesma, Cristiane Azem, Mohamed el Sayed among others.


As a guest artist at the International Festival Gala Show "Shisha Party" in Ukraine, Odessa, with the orchestra of Katia Eshta, she represented the first Spanish to attend this important festival. “Entrelazadas II”, alongside Eva Chacón, Inmaculada Balcázar,  Neftis Paloma, Chandra, musicians Raul Atreides and Jorge Chicari, Dance Companies TSM and Ballet Casino Badia, and solo dancers from Shelzza´s Soul Dance Studio, Madrid (May 2013); “Fenicios” organized by Vanessa Cabo, Parla-Madrid, (May 2013);  “Zigurat, el espíritu de Babilonia” Sala Galielo Galilei, Madrid, (April 2013);  “Festival Artdrawis”  Arlequín Theatre, Madrid (May 2013)


 “La Ruta de La Seda” Beneficial Festival organized by Caja Burgos and "Danzamos" association, Burgos, (Febrero 13);“Nómadas” organized by Yolanda Nahid, Parla-Madrid, (February 2013); “Entrelazadas I” next to Inmaculada Balcázar, Neftis Paloma and Yolanda Lago, Madrid, (December 2012);


 “Festival Mulafest 2012” (Julio 12) Madrid ; Guest artist to the “Raks Madrid 2012”organized by Nesma Al-Andalus (July 2012), Madrid; Next to the musical groups Dolunaï and Mashati at different shows in several theatres and auditoriums in Madrid Sala Bellagio, Teatro Karpas, en “Layale Masriya MADRID” Sala Galileo Galilei Madrid, next to Ana Saeeda, Eva Chacón, Arnaldo Iasorli, Inmaculada Balcázar and Alessandra Dámbra among other great artists (February 2012),“Layale Masriya ASTURIAS” Asturias (February 2012); Taking part of the cast of the Dance Company of Ana Saeeda at the “Raks Madrid 2011” oranized by Nesma Al-Andalus (July 2011); With the Dance Company “Nómadas” manager Eva Chacón, in the “Raks Madrid 2010”;


“Salam 2011” in Sala Galileo Galilei , organized by Orient Express (April 2011), Ana Saeeda, Mohamed El Sayed, Yamila Surya and other dancers and “Salam 2010” (April 2010), Ana Saeeda, Eva Chacón, Yamila Surya, Sikta Devi and other artists…; as guest artist in the Festival organized next to Kaya, Samara Hayat... among other artists in the Obispo Perelló theatre (April 2010); “Show Dancing Delight Mira Betz”, organized by Carvanserai (March 2010); with the Dance Company “Nómadas” manager Eva Chacón in the Beneficial Festival “Bailando Por Ellos” (March 2009); as guest artist in the show ”Nuevos Talentos” organized by Conoriente (September 2008); “Pasaje a Oriente” organized by Carolina Grandela (March 2008); the Festival “Layali Amar” (April 2008) next to Inmaculada Balcázar and Yamila S, in Sala Galileo G.   In the show managed by “Conoriente” with Soraya Zaied and guest artists (May 2007); In the Festival Baraka  of the Dance Company Ananda Oriental Ensemble managed by Ana Saeeda (May 2007),  the shows organized by  Festival Intercultural 2004, in the Danza Boulevard association, the Angel García Academy and Beatriz Luengo Academy.


As well as Shelzza´s own individual events in well-known places in Madrid (Galileo Galilei, Clamores ....), like annual Festivals of group and solo dancers, and thetres like Elias Ahuja,  Colegio Chamberí, arabian nights as in “Al-Mounia”, “Las Mil y una Noches”, private parties, medieval makets, and so on.


Her experience as Bollywood dancer in several events, “La Ruta de La Seda” Benificial Festival organized by Caja Burgos and Danzamos Association, Burgos, (February 2013); with the Dance Company “Nómadas” manager Eva Chacón, in the “Raks Madrid 2010”; through the Dance Company “CGS” manager Gemma Teodorakis,  in the Beneficial show “Bailando Por Ellos” (March 2009); in the show Dil-se (March 2008) in the cafe La Cafetería del Teatro de Madrid; TV programme  “El Hormiguero” (September 2008)  and in the first festival de danza Bollywood (December 2007) in Madrid, and so on.


Her teaching experience begins over the year 2002, since then she regularly teaches both adults and children (from 4 years old). Since January 2013, she manages her own Dance Studio "Shelzza's Soul Dance Studio", "Enta Omri Association" Carretas St. 14, 6th F. Metro Sol. Teaching regular classes to different levels, from starters to professional, Bellydance and Bollywood, offering other disciplines with other teachers like Inmaculada Balcázar (Tribal Dance) and Vanessa Cabo (Bellydance for starters).


Previously in "Gloria Alba" Dancing School (in Atocha), since the year 2004, in "Al-Iksir" managed by Eva Chacon teaching both Bellydance and Bollywood. Working for the town hallof Arroyomolinos, in the Department of Women and Youth (Bellydance, Bollywood and fusion dance) as self-employed, teaching a total of seven groups of women, teenayers, and infant pupils. Dancing School "Patio de Gaviria" Arenal St. 9, Metro Sol, Madrid. Musical Theatre School Mará Beltrán Matute Sq. 5, 1st ext right, Metro Antón Martín / Metro Sol. Dancing School Mambo Swing (Arroyomolinos), Alarde Metro Tirso de Molina, "Centro de Actividades Beatriz Luengo" (Mar de Cristal, from 2002 to 2004). In the "Academia Torrepista" (Torrejón de Ardoz from 2003 to 2007), and so on.


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Highlighted videos:


Shelzza  in the Shisha International Festival Party, (Odessa). Improvisation with Katia Eshta Orchestra July 13:[removed]feature=player_embedded&v=[removed]vVvqhlXCoH4


Shelzza in Nómadas organized by Yolanda Nahid February 2013:[removed]v=w069dpmS_Qo&list=[removed]UUHcKPLaKh7lCOmfwb7PV2nw&[removed]index=1


Shelzza in RaksMadrid July 2012:[removed]v=QPHqzCVAxd0&list=[removed]UUHcKPLaKh7lCOmfwb7PV2nw&[removed]index=14


Shelzza in Florida Park with the percussionist Héctor el Turko October 2011:[removed]v=8t3hq6C041U&list=[removed]UUHcKPLaKh7lCOmfwb7PV2nw&[removed]index=8


Shelzza in Mambo Swing September 2011:[removed]v=IgCTh7MVGq4&list=[removed]UUHcKPLaKh7lCOmfwb7PV2nw


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